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Knowing more about Streaming Media

Streaming media is a method or technique used for transferring multimedia elements whether it is an audio or video being received and presented to an end-user through a specific provider.  Generally, the verb “to stream” simply refers on the process of delivery of the media which focuses on the method of delivery instead on the medium.
Typically, the client media player can start playing the data which includes sounds, movies and etc. though the entire file is not fully transmitted. The identification of the delivery method from the media distribution applies particularly to the telecommunications networks just like any other delivery system which are either inherently streaming such as radio, television or non-inherently streaming such as books, audio CD’s and video cassettes. Just take for instance, during 1930’s the earliest and most popular streaming media ta that time is the elevator music but today Internet television is not anymore unusual among streamed media. When we say “streaming media”, it can refer to all media. It is not just about the video and audio like ticket tapes, live closed captioning as well as real-time text which belongs to the group of the streaming text.

On the other hand, when we talk about live streaming, we are simply talking about on the content which is being delivered through internet. It needs a form of source of media such as audio interface, screen capture software or video camera, which goes along with the media publisher, an encoder in digitizing the content and a content delivery network for the distribution and delivery of the content.

Marketing and Applications

Typically, there are useful and helpful streaming applications nowadays around the internet world, and one of these is presentation. Presentation comes in long period but then, you can easily interrupt or repeat at any arbitrary points. Aside from that, marketing concepts were also starting to produce new generation through streaming media.