5S Hair: The leading manufacturer of the hair extensions in Vietnam

5S Hair: The leading manufacturer of the hair extensions in Vietnam

Cập nhật lần cuối: 12/11/2021
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Nowadays, the hair business brings numerous profits for hair vendors. 5S Hair is one of the most reputable hair vendors in Vietnam. So, who is the founder of 5S Hair? How about the development history of 5S Hair? What about 5S Hair’s products and its policies? Why should we choose 5S Hair as a trustful hair supplier?

The founder of 5S Hair

Mr. Adam Smith – a founder of 5S Hair is one of the pioneers in the hair industry. He studied abroad in Australia and had great success in the stock market.


Founder of 5S Hair Mr. Adam Smith

In the end, he chose to inherit the family tradition through the art of beauty. With his inherent talent and foresight in the hair business, Mr. Smith has achieved many admirable achievements.

The meaning of 5S Hair brand name

We will learn about the meaning of the name 5S Hair and its slogan.

What is 5S Hair?

For every business, the name of the brand plays an important role in the success of that business. 5S Hair Factory is a name that also carries a profound meaning that CEO Smith wants to inspire international customers.


Logo of 5S Hair

5 is the symbol for 5 continents in the world such as Africa, America, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.
S is a symbol for the image of Vietnam on the map and the beauty of Vietnamese women with an S-line body and long soft hair.
In short, with the name 5S Hair, Mr. Smith intends to spread the beauty of Vietnamese women’s hair to international friends. 5S Hair will bring international customers with soft hair like that of Vietnamese women, which gives them confidence and beauty.

Slogan of 5S Hair

With the slogan “Shine in your way”, 5S Hair wants to encourage women to focus on beauty, especially hair. Hair greatly affects the overall beauty of the human face. Each woman will have her own personality, her own characteristics, her own beauty, so let’s shine in your own way. 5S Hair is always confident that it can meet all the hair beauty needs for women.

The development history of 5S Hair

5S Hair has a history of development of nearly 30 years and becomes one of the best Vietnamese wholesale hair vendor. At first, Mr. Smith’s father started by buying hair from Vietnamese women in the mountainous area and then selling it back to China. Later, when learning techniques and getting help from experts in the hair industry, 5S Hair was born and its factory is located in Bac Ninh.

Hair extension of 5S Hair

5S Hair’s hair is purchased from Vietnamese women at the age of 18-30, especially women in mountainous areas. Their hair is characterized by black, strong hair thanks to good health and the cold mountain climate. Moreover, they also take care of their hair with natural ingredients such as grapefruit peel and locust. 5S Hair not only has good quality, but it also has a wide variety of hair extensions.

  • Raw hair extension of 5S Hair: This is an unprocessed hair extension, which means it hasn’t been dyed or bleached. The 5S Hair factory will tie the hair into a bundle and deliver it to the customer. This type of hair extension is very popular in the European market because Europeans have very professional hair treatment techniques.

Raw hair extension of 5S Hair

  • Tape hair extension: This hair type is very popular and easy to use because you just need to remove the sticker tab, then stick it on your real hair. This type of hair extension can be used for 6-8 weeks.

Tape hair extension of 5S Hair

  • Tip hair extension: There are many types of hair tips such as I tip, flat tip, U tip, V tip and nano tip. We will have to use hot fusion and cold fusion methods depending on the type of hair tip you use. This hair tip can be used from 14-16 weeks.

Tip hair extension of 5S Hair

  • Weft hair extension: With this hair extension, you will tie up your real hair and sew the extension to your head. This hairstyle requires meticulousness and professionalism of the hairdresser.

Weft hair extension of 5S Hair

5 reasons why we should choose 5S Hair

5S Hair is a reputable hair vendor in Vietnam. Below are 5 reasons why we should choose 5S Hair.

5S Hair: A direct wholesale hair vendors

5S Hair has a direct factory in Bac Ninh, so it is considered the best supplier in the hair industry. If you buy here, you will achieve very high profits because you do not have to buy goods through other intermediaries.

5S Hair: Return and exchange policies

5S Hair’s return condition: The product is unused and is in its original condition when you check the item.
If the product has an error or the wrong model, you need to immediately notify 5S Hair, we will bear all the costs of returning. If the fault is on the customer, the customer will have to pay the entire shipping cost.

5S Hair: Affordable price and high quality

Reasonable price and high quality have created the famous brand 5S Hair.

  • Affordable price: 5S Hair offers Vietnamese hair extensions at reasonable prices from 9.2USD/bundle.
  • High quality: 5S Hair commits that all products are real human hair. Real hair of 5S Hair is taken from healthy women in the mountains, so its quality is much better than that of Chinese and Indian hair, which is poor quality and has gone through many stages of processing.

Customer service of 5S Hair

5S Hair provides 24/7 service to be able to serve the needs of customers anytime and anywhere with the slogan “Customers are king”. You can contact the hotline for more information about the product if you want.

5S Hair: Buy online

Order policies: We have pictures of products on our website for you to choose. You can video call to see the goods if you want. If you are satisfied with the product, please confirm the order.
Payment options: You can pay via credit cards such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Western Union, MoneyGram or Bank Transfer.

See more about us at https://5shair.com/about-us/

Or About me profile of 5S Hair https://about.me/hairfactory5s/

Contact Ms. Lily – client manager in 5S Hair Factory now to get the best deal:

Whatsapp: + 84855555754


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