6 most popular exported varieties of rice from Vietnam

6 most popular exported varieties of rice from Vietnam

Cập nhật lần cuối: 28/03/2023

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Vietnam is one of the largest rice exporters in the world, and its rice exports are known for their high quality and competitive prices. Below are six of the most popular varieties of rice that are exported from Vietnam which can bring you a big amount of profit.

Rice ST25

ST25 rice is known as the best rice in the world (2020) and is one of the most popular Vietnamese varieties of rice. This is a new generation rice variety and is widely valued for its remarkable qualities such as beautiful rice grain, good quality, less white belly, flexibility, very soft with pineapple fragrance. ST25 rice is often labeled as a “superfood” rice and is characterized by its dry rice grains, some plasticity, scent, and a slightly sweet flavor from high rice starch. When cooled, it often dries and hardens. Furthermore, the nutritional value of ST25 is thought to be much higher than that of other forms of rice when compared to regular rice. They are abundant in vitamins and many minerals including magnesium, calcium, and fiber, and have a high protein content.

Rice ST24


ST24 rice


ST24 rice, often known as “Jasmine rice vermicelli”, is a kind of rice farmed in Soc Trang province. This type of rice won second among the top three varieties of rice in the World’s Best Rice contest in 2017.

Aromatic rice ST24 has a small, white, lengthy, and mild aroma. The quality and flavor are better than other aromatic rice kinds, and the nutritional level is quite high. ST24 rice is high in nutrients, including Gluxit, Protein,.. and minerals. It contains a high protein content (of 10%, greater than regular rice), therefore helping induce a sensation of fullness before being full, making it good for diabetics. ST24 rice is unique in that the tastier it is, the better it is. ST24 rice is popular in restaurants and hotels because the rice grains keep their suppleness without becoming hard.

Jasmine Fragrant Rice


Jasmine rice

Jasmine fragrant rice is a favored type of long grain rice, often grown and harvested in the rich alluvial Mekong Delta, Vietnam. The rice grain is long, clear white, aromatic, flexible, and soft. Jasmine rice has a pleasant fragrant taste, and floral scent, and contains a trace of pollen. When cooked, it gets more aromatic, sweet, and wonderful flavor.
High quality jasmine fragrant rice is abundant in nutrients, offers appropriate energy for the body, and is also ideal for the elderly who enjoy sticky rice. Many people have fallen in love with the wonderful taste of this beautiful rice, that’s why it is popular and has been exported to many international markets, especially China, and the Philippines,…

Huong Lai Fragrant Rice


Huong Lai rice


This type of long grain rice is also one of the Mekong Delta’s specialties, rare with high valuable rice delicacies. It has a thin, slender shape, about 6.8 mm in length with clear white. Huong Lai fragrant rice, when cooked, has a highly fragrant scent of jasmine flowers, a bit sticky with a slightly sweet flavor when eaten, making it popular throughout Vietnam. It also has a very unique flavor, so for the first time you try it, it’s hard to forget that wonderful taste!

To purchase normal and excellent Huong Lai fragrant rice, you should look for grains that have clear white color, are slender, and have a firm body with a distinct scent.

Japonica (Japanese rice)


Japonica rice

Japonica rice is a kind of short-grain rice. The grain length is around 2-3 times its width. The grain of Japonica rice is round and thick, smooth, hard, even with a clear white color.

Because of its high amylopectin concentration, japonica rice gets sticky and moist when cooked. The grain of rice will be iridescent in the sun, chewy, soft, and rich in nutrients. As a result, japonica rice is appropriate for Asian and Mediterranean recipes such as sushi, and paella, an indispensable ingredient of Italia risotto.


Fragrant Taiyuan rice


Taiyuan rice

Tai Nguyen is well-known rice that is most popularly grown in Long An province, the land is favored by favorable natural conditions and fertile alluvial soil. Because Tai Nguyen fragrant rice is only harvested once a year, this high-quality rice becomes even more scarce and sought after.

When cooked, thế Tài Nguyên fragrant rice becomes fragrant, aromatic, spongy, and has a so delicious taste. It is, regarded as the best rice in the dry sponge rice line, quite dry and less flexible but retains aromatic flavour after cooling, so is the preferred rice among people who enjoy dry rice.

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