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A bigger picture about worldwide pepper export

Cập nhật lần cuối: 28/03/2023

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Pepper export is a significant industry with many players around the world. While demand for pepper is expected to continue to grow in the coming years, factors such as weather, pests, and diseases can affect the supply and pricing of this valuable spice. Learn in detail in this article.

Types of pepper export

There are 2 typical types of pepper export in the global market:

Black pepper is the most common type of pepper traded in the world. BLack pepper is divided into different types of pepper due to the density, moisture, and admixture.


Pepper growing condition

White pepper is also known as skull pepper, with the outer skin removed. To produce white pepper, people need to harvest when the pepper is ripe. 

Pepper export prices

The pepper export prices in producing countries have increased and reached their peak in 4 years because of:

The mismatch between supply and demand for pepper due to COVID – 19


Price of pepper export


Difficulties in transportation

In August and September 2021, wholesale pepper prices had an upward trend. Compared to the wholesale pepper average price in 2020 by month of,  several export countries reached their peak prices in 4 years: 

Countries Average price by month in 2020 Average price by month in 2021 (up to October)
Indonesia 2.7653 USD/kg 3.3717 USD/kg
Brazil 2.08225 USD/kg 3.18768 USD/kg
Malaysia 3.43957  USD/kg 3.6384 USD/kg
India 3.8224 USD/kg 3.9054 USD/kg
Vietnam 2.3756 USD/kg 3.6469 USD/kg


Top of the world pepper export in the world

Vietnam accounts for the biggest pepper export with $577M, followed by Brazil and Indonesia with $184M and $142M, respectively:

Vietnam is favored for soil and weather condition which is very suitable for pepper growing. In addition, farming techniques also create an advantage for Vietnam pepper export. In 2019, pepper volume in Vietnam was 2.4tons/ha, higher than the average pepper volume in the world (1.5 tons/ha). Cumulated the volume until 9/2021, Vietnam also witnessed a positive sign in pepper exporting volume with 46,653 tons, an increase of 9.7% compared to the same period of 2020.


Brazil: The increased supply from the new harvest makes Brazil’s pepper export volume rise. Brazil’s dominant pepper product is black pepper. In the first 9 months of 2021, Brazil’s pepper export reaches 61,845 tons, an increase of 8.7% compared to the same period of last year. Brazil’s export value of pepper to Vietnam and the US is decreased but the Germany and UEA increased noticeably.

Indonesia’s pepper export is accounted largely for white pepper seed (47%) in 2021. It is reported that Vietnam and China are the largest pepper consumption markets of Indonesia. But the export value witnessed a large decrease due to the impact of COVID – 19. This lead pepper export activities of Indonesia to Germany and India to increase.



Worldwide pepper export – The future prediction

Experts believe the pepper price will rise continuously in the following months due to the:

The complicated situation of COVID – 19 disrupts the supply chain.


High freight costs cause transport activities to congest and contracts stalled.

COVID – 19 caused a large change to the pepper industry. Now, pepper export activities are promoted to serve the beauty industry because social distancing makes a negative impact on the demand for pepper in hotels and restaurants.

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