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How to enter Vietnamese Robusta coffee field

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Vietnamese robusta coffee is a potentially profitable commodity for traders. This coffee is available and loved all over the world thanks to its affordable price and unique taste. If you want to step into this competitive market, you should definitely not ignore the article below.

Vietnamese Robusta coffee: Manufacturing features

There are some crucial and typical features of Vietnamese Robusta coffee that should be noticed.

  • Farming requirements: A qualified Vietnamese Robusta coffee bean needs to reach 95% ripeness to be ready for being processed. 
  • Processing process: Vietnamese Robusta coffee needs to go through two main processing processes, which are Drying and Wet processing. That is also called the honey process, which aims to let the sweetness of the coffee cherry to absorb back into the beans.
  • Roasting process: Vietnamese Robusta coffee can taste fruitier when it is lightly roasted. And the longer the roasting time is, the more caramel-flavored it has.

Vietnamese Robusta coffee: Standard quality

The moisture of Vietnamese Robusta coffee must be below 14%, often about 12,5%. The sieve size of the coffee beans ranges from 15 to 18,5. However, the sieve of 16 and 18 is more appreciated.


Vietnamese Robusta coffee: A distinct flavor

A distinct aroma and taste are 2 factors contributing to the dominance of Vietnamese Robusta coffee in the global market.

  • Aroma: Vietnamese Robusta coffee has a lighter smell than Arabica. It is described to be similar to oatmeal. You can even see a note of nuts if the coffee is not roasted.
  • Taste: A note of bitterness makes Vietnamese Robusta coffee stand out. It contains relatively high-level caffeine but still equips itself with a sweet fragrance. With strong, bitter and less sour flavor, this coffee is able to waken anyone’s nerves and revved up their metabolism.

Vietnamese Robusta coffee

Distinguish Vietnamese Robusta coffee and Arabica coffee

The table below will sum up all defined and precise comparisons between these two.

Criteria Vietnamese Robusta Arabica
Caffeine content ~2-4% 0.8-1.4%
Optimum altitude 0-700m 1000-2000m
Shape Oval Flat
Time from flower to ripe cherries 10-11 months 9 months
Yield (kg beans/ha) 2300-4000 1500-2000
Immunity Strong Easily infected by fungus
Ripe cherries Fall Stay
Root system Shallow Deep
Typical brew characteristics Bitterness, full Acidity


Top 3 most trustworthy Vietnamese Robusta coffee suppliers

The list below will help you to save lots of time and effort if you are struggling with finding a trustworthy Vietnamese Robusta coffee supplier.



Located in Vietnam, the country always ranks top in exporting coffee. K-Agriculture’s biggest mission is to bring the best organic Vietnamese Robusta coffee to the worldwide market.



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WhatsApp: +84855 555 837


This is the leading company in trading coffee in Vietnam. The reputation of the company is undeniable, seeing its certificates and rewards from international organizations.


Located in Trung Nguyen, the key location of coffee cultivation in Vietnam, DAKMAN is proud to give customers the best Vietnamese Robusta coffe.

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