How to find good white rice supply?

How to find good white rice supply?

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White rice has always been a popular item internationally, particularly in Asian countries. Yet, among a lot of suppliers, it is hard to find a good source of white rice. This article will provide you with some suggestions to find a good white rice supply and list a few reputable wholesalers to take into. account.

1. A summary of white rice

All buyers want to look for a good white rice supply that has high quality and delicious taste. Rice grains is popular worldwide and contain many factors that can improve health. Here is some information about white rice.


White rice in bulk

  • Amylose and amylopectin determine cooked rice’s structure.
  • Having a neutral flavor, white rice in bulk can be used with many different meals and generate a wide range of various flavors

2. Process of producing good white rice supply

  • Drying
  • Sieve contaminants: Fresh rice is dried after harvesting to minimize moisture for preservation and quality. After harvest, rice’s moisture level will fall to 13-15% so it may be stored for 3-4 months.
  • Pealing the husk

Before and after

  • White milling

Before and after white milling

  • Wipe
  • Broken rice separation
  • Storage
  • Color separation

3. Types of rice for good white rice supply

The length of the grains determines the category in which white rice is placed.

  • Short-grain white rice: A mushy, sticky texture is created when short-grain white rice is cooked with water.
  • Medium-grain white rice

White rice medium-grain close-up

  • Long-grain white rice: White long-grain rice such as ST and Jasmine is a go-to for most people’s daily meals.

4. Which country is the largest exporter of white rice?

The bulk white rice is exported most from India, Vietnam, and Thailand, according to USDA figures (2/2021). The World’s Best Rice contest was held in 2020. Thai Jasmine rice won, and ST25 rice from Vietnam came in second.


IR504, which is solely made in Vietnam has the cheapest bulk white rice. If you want to buy high-quality white rice in quantity at a reasonable price, choose Jasmine (Thailand) or DT08 (Vietnam).



Vietnam’s ST (ST24, ST25), described as “the best rice in the world”, is the most expensive white rice in bulk today.

Factors influencing the price of wholesale rice

The white rice wholesale industry is still booming. Here are some tips for trading white rice in bulk to avoid buying costly or low-quality rice.

Rice quality


Each country’s bulk white rice import regulations

How to identify a trustworthy company that have good white rice supply

Transparent information

White rice bulk suppliers with offices and factories acquire clients’ trust. Besides, a frequently updated website is another way to find reputable bulk white rice suppliers.

The historical performance of providers having a good white rice supply

It is possible that the quality of white rice sold in bulk can be determined by looking at the BL (Bill of Lading) or the feedback from past customers.

White rice in bulk exporters from Vietnam – K-Agriculture is discussing with their partners.
Reputable white rice in bulk vendors can obtain clients’ trust by displaying their licensing and track record.

Legal license and certificate

Each country requires different certifications.


Some certificates needed to export (Source: K-Agriculture Factory)

For instance, Halal certification is only for Muslim countries to ensure no forbidden additives are present in bulk white rice (LHG). Business registration, export license, ISO 22000:2005 certification to assure food safety for health, and HACCP certification to control food production and processing hazards are some necessary documents for rice export.

Top three companies having a good white rice supply

K-Agriculture from Vietnam

K-Agriculture Factory is one of Vietnam’s leading wholesale rice suppliers. The factory supplies 3 million tonnes of rice to 80 nations annually. K-Agriculture offers bulk ST, Jasmine rice, Japonica, OM5451, IR504, etc.K-Agriculture Vietnam


K-Agriculture Vietnam

Hak Yong Co.

Hak Yong Co is a local and global bulk white rice provider in Singapore.
Hak Yong Co. sells Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice, Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Brown Rice, and Red Rice. They also spread sugar, wheat, oil, and salt.

Wonnapob Company

With a lengthy family history and advanced rice processing equipment, Wonnapob can guarantee huge orders. They offer Jasmine, glutinous, brown, white, bulk, and a particular blend of rice.


Wonnapob Company

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