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Jasmine rice in bulk – reasons for its development

Cập nhật lần cuối: 28/03/2023

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Buying jasmine rice in bulk is a cost-effective way to purchase this popular grain, especially for businesses or individuals who require large quantities of rice. By working with reputable suppliers and paying attention to factors such as quality and storage, buyers can ensure they are getting the best value and quality for their bulk jasmine rice purchases.

Jasmine rice in bulk: An overview

Many countries that consume a lot of rice are switching to jasmine rice in bulk. Because jasmine rice is suitable for everyone, its production and demand have been steadily increasing.




Definition of jasmine rice in bulk

Jasmine rice is a long-grain Asian rice variety that is grown mostly in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam. When cooked, this rice is moist and soft, with a somewhat sweet flavor. Jasmine rice has a particular aroma, flavor, and texture that distinguishes it from other rice varieties.

Main countries supply jasmine rice in bulk

Big agricultural countries like Vietnam, Thailand, and a potential exporting country Cambodia supply jasmine rice in bulk to meet a vast demand.

  • Thailand

For several years, Thai jasmine rice in bulk has gained a reputation for high quality among all varieties of rice traded. Jasmine rice in bulk accounts for 11-15% of overall Thai rice exports. Each year, around 1.3-1.6 million tons of jasmine rice are exported. In 2019, the price of Thai jasmine rice in bulk is 1148-1152 USD/ton, with China, the US, and the UK as its key markets. Furthermore, Thai jasmine rice has a consistent high quality and a long-standing rice export reputation. Thailand is the world’s largest exporter of jasmine rice, but it is facing rising competition from countries developing rice varieties with similar features.

  • Vietnam

In recent years, the volume of bulk jasmine rice from Vietnam has accounted for roughly 43 percent to 46 percent of overall export volume, totaling about 3 million tons. In the Mekong Delta areas, the annual cultivated area of Vietnamese jasmine rice amounts to around 25% of the total planted area. In 2019, the price of Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk is 528-532 USD/ton, with China, Africa, and the Philippines as its key customers. Vietnamese jasmine rice in bulk meets the expectations of price-sensitive markets as well as markets with rigorous quality requirements, such as the EU, at a reasonable price.

  • Cambodia

Cambodia Jasmine Rice was declared the “World’s Best Rice” at the Rice Traders World Rice Conference in Hong Kong in November 2013, and Cambodia is the second largest supplier of Premium Jasmine Rice. Under rainfed lowland circumstances, Phka Rumduol normally yields 3.5–5 tons/ha. The price of Cambodian jasmine rice in bulk in 2019 is 785-790 USD/ton, with China and the US as its main markets. Cambodia is a newcomer to the jasmine rice in bulk market. Due to the great quality of its rice, the amount of export rice from Cambodia is rather large.


Reasons for choosing jasmine rice in bulk

Because of the four factors below, jasmine rice is one of the greatest forms of long grain rice that an importing country can consider before giving it a try. 

Diverse in products

White jasmine rice and brown jasmine rice are two types of jasmine rice that are popular. Furthermore, several products, such as OM5451 or Jazzman, are bred from jasmine rice in bulk. Customers have more options to satisfy their own needs because each sort of rice is comparable.

Price advantage

Though it is produced and exported by multiple countries, jasmine rice in bulk remains quite steady throughout time. It costs 620-700 USD/ton. Meanwhile, basmati rice, one of the greatest long grain rices, is priced at 833 USD/ton, higher than jasmine rice. ST rice is a fragrant rice variety sold in Vietnam for 692 USD/ ton. As a result, jasmine rice in bulk is a practical choice for the same quality.

Stable and great demand

Any Asian food goes well with jasmine rice. Furthermore, this rice is used as a primary ingredient in EU countries. As a result, a massive amount of jasmine rice was imported from the producing countries. In 2020, Vietnam imported 1,59 million tons of jasmine rice. Thailand supplied 90% of China’s rice imports in the same year, the majority of which was high-quality jasmine rice in bulk.

Abundant supply every year

Jasmine rice is being promoted in Cambodia, where fragrant rice accounted for 69.84% of total production in 2020, with jasmine rice varieties such as Phka Romduol accounting for 37.55%. In 2020, Vietnam’s rice exports totaled 6.15 million tons, with jasmine rice accounting for 26.9% of that total. Thailand is expected to export 1,5 million tons of jasmine rice in 2021, ensuring a steady supply and production for wholesale markets.


Top 3 jasmine rice in bulk suppliers

Many international markets, including Europe, the Philippines, and other Asian countries, import substantial amounts of jasmine rice. As a result, according to several well-known jasmine rice suppliers listed below, these countries can import jasmine rice in bulk.

Wonnapob jasmine rice supplier

Wonnapob Co., Ltd., an exporter of Thai jasmine rice in bulk, is a pioneer in the use of cutting-edge technologies to increase productivity. Wonnapob is well-known for exporting Thai Hom Mali rice, a type of jasmine rice found only in Thailand.

K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is a great supplier to consider if you want to buy jasmine rice in bulk. For over 25 years, K-Agriculture Factory has been a reliable exporter, with customers in Dubai, China, the US, and other countries. They are pleased with the high quality of Jasmine rice imported in bulk from Vietnam.




They recognize the value of good rice at Mahatma. Families in the US have trusted them for nearly a century. America’s Favorite Rice is the product of Mahatma Rice’s long history of providing consistent quality and flavor in each bag. They sell jasmine rice in bulk, as well as white and brown rice products.


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