K Hair Vietnam: How to achieve loyal international consumers

K Hair Vietnam: How to achieve loyal international consumers

Cập nhật lần cuối: 20/11/2021
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In business, especially the investment in beauty products like hair extensions, people always have the desire for extending their covering to the international market. In the potential Asian hair market, K Hair Vietnam is a Vietnamese hair distributor with a huge reputation worldwide. They have dozens of long-term cooperators from Africa like Nigeria, America such as Brazil and even European countries. How to reach that height of fame and have multiple loyal consumers from other countries? You can get your own answer after reading this writing.

k-hair-1Firstly, this is a brief introduction about the international clients of K Hair Vietnam. K Hair Vietnam is a leading hair company in this country with the experience of decades in supplying hair extensions mainly for the European, African and American consumers and small hair vendors. In Europe, the hair salons mainly import virgin hair, raw hair to bleach and dye according to their clients’ favorite. The retail customers in this region with long real hair wanting to thicken and lengthen the origin prefer to buy tape in hair form K Hair Vietnam. Otherwise, K Hair Vietnam supplies the weft hair or wigs for the African women as their real hair is short and little. The American consumers have the tendency to purchase hair types like clip in hair, ponytail, pixie curls… 

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One of the reasons to make K Hair Vietnam, a Vietnamese hair factory, a reliable address of purchasers around the world is the high quality of hair extensions. K Hair Vietnam’s hair extensions are manufactured entirely of human hair. This hair comes from Vietnamese native condors who live in remote and mountainous areas. Vietnamese human hair is recognized as the most precious hair material when compared to that of other nations because the environment in this country, along with the restricted use of chemical products applied on the hair, preserves the original hair strong and silky.

The hair source is identical as those native women’s hair has the similar characteristics. This great hair source will become magnificent hair extensions after being treated properly by K Hair Vietnam’s unique technique. Unlike the other hair extensions exported by Indian or Chinese hair vendors. The Indian hair extensions are made from waste hair or temple hair; therefore, the quality is unstable and low. Otherwise, the Chinese hair extensions in spite of offering sufficient amounts, the hair is mixed and processed uncarefully to assure the huge quantity exported. K Hair Vietnam’s products are smooth, silky and offer a shining look. Furthermore, there is a wide range of hair types with different styles, grades and cost to meet distinguished demand of each purchaser.

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The next factor making K Hair Vietnam popular to consumers from other countries is the on point customer service. The first point to mention is the available support personnel that are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer any questions from potential customers. On the company’s website, there are hotlines for a variety of employees that may be reached at any time. The newcomer can inquire about the source of hair, hair kinds, costs, and even logistical assistance. Customers may examine the quality of the goods via video conversations with K Hair salesmen. If you’re new to the hair market, the staff can assist you in selecting hair types that are appropriate for your needs, as well as hair styles such as bone straight or pixie curls, as well as colors… to complement your face shape and skin tone. Furthermore, if something goes wrong after receiving the hair extensions, you may absolutely contact the staff for assistance. K Hair Vietnam also has a large network of partners and importers all over the world, so assistance may be supplied as quickly as possible in some cases.

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The logistic service is competent and successful due to K Hair Vietnam’s position in Hanoi, Vietnam’s capital, which is regarded as the country’s most developed sector. The routes to airports, train stations, and ports are varied; consequently, you have a variety of delivery alternatives to pick from. Furthermore, the facility employs dozens of people and uses cutting-edge gear to expedite the packing process. Moreover, K Hair Vietnam accepts a variety of payment methods to accommodate foreign customers.

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The media’s marketing is another essential factor in making this brand popular throughout the world in the hair industry. The K Hair Vietnam crew built a professional website which includes the information about the firm, the hair origin and even the tips and advice for hair care. Thanks to the meaningful contents, there is multiple attention from every corner around the world received. The CEO also latched on to the advancement of the Internet and effectively utilized K Hair Vietnam by building a Youtube account for the firm, for which the company’s channel was awarded the Silver Button. The shorts video with creative topics show the viewers the objective and specific estimation about their products and also tell the company’s story.

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In conclusion, the CEO, managers and employees of K Hair Vietnam always put the pleasure of consumers priority over other things, as the motto “Quality is King”. Therefore, the purchasers have the feeling of respect and satisfaction. If you are going to start the hair business or are in trouble at the first steps to find customers, do not feel hopeless, this writing has helpful advice for you. Otherwise, if you are a hair lover and want to find a name to trust, K Hair Vietnam will never disappoint you.    

For more information about K-Hair company, please visit us at: https://k-hair-blog.business.site/


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