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La Veranda project – A private 3d rendering project of K-Render Studio

Cập nhật lần cuối: 19/08/2021

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Each project of K-Render Studio brings its own value to customers. La Veranda gives the design company – our customers the satisfaction of the product. La Veranda’s 3D renderings have helped the design company give customers the clearest picture of their future home design ideas.

Impressive design ideas of La Veranda

When receiving the project information, K-Render Studio was very impressed with the design of La Veranda.

La Veranda’s layout

La Veranda house is a house designed for a family of four members including parents and two children. To create a space that suits the needs of the family, the designer has carefully calculated the division of spaces in the house.


The design idea of La Veranda is very impressive

The house has a living room, kitchen, study room and 2 bedrooms.
The living room and kitchen are not in one space as often seen in apartments but are separated by a wall. The ingenuity in dividing the space is also reflected in turning the wall separating the bedroom of children and the studying room into glass doors.


The living room of La Veranda project

Children bedroom and studying room are separated by a glass door
This not only helps the two children move easily between the two rooms, but also creates ventilation for the space.

Light in La Veranda house

Each space in the house is a private space. Therefore, the design company wanted natural light to play a dominant role in the house. This aim is to make each space private, yet spacious and comfortable.


Furniture that chosen to place in La Veranda

Furniture is selected to create harmony for the space in the house. In La Veranda, the interiors are all related to each other, creating a meaningful whole.

The 3D renderings of La Veranda transmit entirely the design idea

The most important role of 3D visualization is to convey the architect’s design message to the owner of the house. In this La Veranda project, the artist of K-Render Studio has done that role brilliantly.

Light in La Veranda

According to the client’s request, natural light is mainly used in the house. The artist of K-Render Studio was meticulous in the distribution of light and the direction of light in the space.


Natural light is used as our client’s requirement

Natural light gently illuminates the interior of the house. This is the light of the morning. The use of this light makes the space inside the house warm and intimate.
In addition, the direction of the light is also clearly shown.


Light shines in from the window, creating a contrast between light and dark. Viewers seem to be seeing a photo of the house itself, not a 3D rendering.


K-Render Studio’s rendering artists create the vibrancy of the material and the attention to detail.


The materials in the house are all rendered realistically

The two main types of materials used in the house are wood and stone. These two types of materials have been used since time immemorial. Today, people have created all kinds of wood and stone to suit their needs.

Wood appears in almost every space in the house. By our architectural rendering services, viewers can clearly see the wood grain on the cabinets and doors. In particular, these wood grains do not overlap. This shows the artist’s ingenuity and care.


The stone wall in the living room – the highlight of the house has appeared in a true way. Color of the stone looks very natural. The texture of the stone is also shown by the artist. This stone wall is the wish of the house owner with the design company. And it was perfectly rendered in the 3D rendering.

Rendering angles

In order for viewers to have the best picture of the whole house, our rendering artists have placed camera angles in many different positions.


Kitchen area of La Veranda house

The camera angle used in this project is the horizontal camera angle. This camera angle gives viewers the most objective view of space and details.

Feedback of K-Render Studio’s client

After receiving the renderings of the La Veranda project, the design company used them to present the design to the owner of the house. The owner of the house was extremely interested in the design and wanted the house to be quickly completed according to the design.

The design company has given very positive feedback about K-Render Studio and its 3D rendering product.

  • Feedback of K-Render Studio
    • Professional working process, making it easy for customers to follow
    • Ensure on-time product completion
    • Extremely competitive price compared to competitors in the same field
  • Feedback of 3D rendering products by La Veranda
    • High Quality
    • Completely in accordance with the wishes of the homeowner
    • Meet all the requirements of the design company
    • Completed in a short time

K-Render Studio always strives every day, cultivating knowledge and skills to improve service quality. Every customer when cooperating with K-Render Studio receives quality products and services. If you have a need to use 3D rendering services, do not hesitate to contact K-Render Studio!


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