Notable japonica rice health benefits for consumers

Japonica rice health benefits you should know

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Japonica rice is a versatile and delicious type of rice that is beloved in Asian countries and around the world. Why is this rice so popular all over the world? Let’s find the most suitable answer in the article below.

An overview of japonica rice

Japonica is one of the short-grain rice types, which is widely consumed in Japan, China, and Korea. Japonica rice has a sticky texture because it contains more than 80% of amylopectin; therefore, japonica rice is the best choice for sushi. In terms of export, japonica rice is one of the leading white rice in bulk products.

Outstanding characteristics of japonica rice are

  • round and short grains
  • smooth and white color
  • delicate aroma and rich flavor
  • sticky texture


There are 4 main types of japonica rice

  • Japonica white rice is known as “sushi rice” in western grocery stores. In a daily basis, the rice has another name – “hakuma”, which means “white rice”. Japonica white rice is suitable for making sushi or Japanese curry.
  • Japonica brown rice is the japonica rice with only the hull removed. In Japanese, the rice is known as “haigamai”.
  • Sweet rice is stickier than japonica white and brown rice, which is suitable for making mochi or other Japanese dishes requiring a sticky texture. 
  • Calrose rice is the newest japonica rice variety developed in California.

Impressive japonica rice health benefits

Consumers are impressed by many notable japonica rice health benefits.

Enhancing the immune system

Japonica rice is a variety of rice that is high in nutrients like protein and fiber that are beneficial to the body. Furthermore, manganese, which is abundant in japonica, is one of the nutrients that helps the body’s immunological system. As a result, Japanese people are always strong and have healthy bodies.



Reducing high blood pressure

Japonica helps users maintain blood sugar levels, helping to regulate blood pressure problems, particularly good for those who have high blood pressure, with around 190 calories per 1/2 cup combined with rice nutrients.


Clearing body heat

The user regulates and purifies the body’s organs using the japonica’s unique features. When you drink japonica on a regular basis, your body cools down, which has been shown to cool the liver and prevent infections in the liver.


Preventing cancer risk

Not only does Japonica rice provide beneficial fiber and nutrients, but it also includes selenium, which helps to reduce the risk of cancer. This is one of the amazing discoveries that scientists have made, indicating that eating this rice on a regular basis will be incredibly advantageous.



Japonica rice health benefits: routine to utilize them

To gain the best japonica rice health benefits, you should build a suitable eating routine.

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Time table

Don’t eat too many meals throughout the day. With the main meals, you shall eat just enough. Avoid skipping meals since the quantity of acid in your stomach may increase, producing contractions, abdominal pain, and stomach pain. The optimal time to eat is 

  • breakfast: 7:00 – 8:00
  • lunch: 12:00 – 12:45
  • dinner: 18:00 – 19:00



Healthy food combination

People should eat healthful foods in addition to eating on time. Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, as well as fiber-rich foods and supplements.

Fruits high in vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin A are considered healthy. Because they have a natural sweetness that is easy to eat, they aid in the replenishment of energy for the entire body.



Regular exercise has both physical and mental health advantages. It keeps you fit and helps you lose weight. According to studies, those who exercise on a daily basis have a happier and more comfortable mental existence than those who do not.

If you have a lot of free time, you can split the training plan into two or three sessions per week. For busy persons with little time, 15-30 minutes every day is sufficient to maintain a healthy body.


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