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Peruvian hair wholesale: How much do you know about this vendor?

Cập nhật lần cuối: 21/01/2022

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Peruvian hair wholesale is one of the most influential markets in the African market with a large source of hair extensions sold in this market. Currently, the attraction of this market to the African market has not decreased.


Peruvian hair wholesale

Overview about Peruvian hair wholesale

Peru is one of the famous countries with beautiful women in the international beauty arena. They not only have a perfect face but also have the hair that many people dream of. So that in earlier times when Peruvian hair wholesale was newly developed, most of their raw hair source was the hair of Latina women. Raw hair that had the same high quality as Latina women’s hair at that time was the high-end source of the worldwide hair extension market.


As a result, Peruvian hair wholesale has made remarkable strides in the African market by providing smooth, glossy black products that are the dream of many Africans because African hair is often curly and dry. Hair extensions of Peruvian hair wholesale also have a beautiful volume and are always shiny, so the demand for this product is increasing rapidly.

What are characteristics of Peruvian hair wholesale?

What are the characteristics of a prominent hair extension market like Peruvian hair wholesale?

Quality and price of Peruvian hair wholesale’s products

Are products of both good quality and affordable prices the criteria of Peruvian hair wholesale? Let’s find out below.


Quality and price of Peruvian hair wholesale

  • If it’s the quality of hair extensions made from women’s hair in this market, it’s completely in the current high-end hair extensions. Because the current source of raw hair in Peruvian hair wholesale is very small, customers must be extremely lucky to be able to buy the original hair extension product line in this market. And most of the current raw hair sources of Peruvian hair wholesale come from many different hair markets, especially the Asian market, and its price also varies depending on the source of that market’s hair.
  • Raw hair of the Vietnam market is one of the sources of raw hair in Peruvian hair wholesale. With the quality of Vietnamese hair, Peruvian hair wholesale has many benefits when the initial quality of raw hair is extremely strong and smooth, easy to process into hair extensions. Moreover, due to the price difference, the raw hair products of the Vietnamese market when exported to Peruvian hair wholesale are often much cheaper than the markets that provide similar quality hair sources.
  • If the source of hair is imported from the Indian market, then the raw hair source will surely make Peruvian hair wholesale the best source of profit. In terms of quality, the source of Indian raw hair is not appreciated very much because Indian human hair is often curly and dry, easily damaged because of the impact of high heat all year round and partly due to genetics. Therefore, when importing this product to the market, it does not cost too much to import, so the price of products made from raw Indian hair is also much cheaper than other hair sources.

Pros and cons of Peruvian hair wholesale

What are the benefits and disadvantages when buying in Peruvian hair wholesale?


Pros and cons of Peruvian hair wholesale

  • Certainly, consumers want to buy hair extensions at reputable markets with clear brands, so Peruvian hair wholesale will definitely bring a sense of trust to consumers. In the African market, Peruvian hair wholesale is growing very strongly and providing a lot of good quality hair extension products to the people here, so the hair extension brand has also grown since then.
  • However, there are also some disadvantages for customers when it comes to prices of products in Peruvian hair wholesale. Most of the products are usually quite expensive because they are handled well, so the product quality is also relatively stable. Besides, the development of this hair extension brand also makes the price of the product increase compared to many other competitive hair extensions markets.
  • Another disadvantage is the inconsistency in the quality of the products of Peruvian hair wholesale. Because there are sources of raw hair imported from many different markets, it is understandable that their quality is not uniform. Therefore, when buying in this market, customers should pay special attention to avoid buying products of poor quality or buying fake products.

5S hair factory with Peruvian hair wholesale

5S hair factory is one of the markets that provide raw hair sources to many hair extensions markets in the world, including Peruvian hair wholesale. With good quality Vietnamese raw hair bundles, Peruvian hair wholesale has sold products with a high reputation. 5S hair factory has also since then continuously promoted the collection of good hair sources to not only export but also create many products of the same quality as the leading hair extensions products in the world. Currently, 5S hair factory has been developing its hair extension production system to a new position in the Vietnamese hair extension market. The products that the 5S hair factory sells to the world market are confirmed for their high quality as well as the prestige of the leading hair extension brand in Vietnam.

Contact 5S Hair Factory through:

In addition to wholesale Peruvian hair, another type of wholesale Latin hair that is also very popular in the market is wholesale Brazilian hair. If you want to know about this hair type, you can read more here:


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