Queen Hair is the most prominent Vietnamese hair supplier

Queen Hair is the most prominent Vietnamese hair supplier

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A leading Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria, Queen Hair has over a decade of experience in the hair industry and is able to manufacture and distribute hair to a number of African wholesalers, notably in the country. It’s intriguing to learn about the lives of successful businesses, and this one is no exception.

As a business, Queen Hair was formed

Because she was the first in her family to leave the farm, Jessica decided to take a gamble that would have life-altering consequences. She came upon a little-known trade in human hair while hiking through the mountains of Vietnam’s north-eastern area. When she saw women of healthy ethnic backgrounds with long, shiny black hair, she was struck by the beauty of it. She was forced to do something. Jessica established her modest hair factory in the year 2000, after years of saving, researching, and strategizing.



In the year 2000, she decided to become the factory’s distributor since she saw what was coming. Even when hair industry competition heats up, Queen Hair never loses sight of its essential values. Consumers can rest easy knowing that their hair care purchases from Queen Hair will only come from companies who are committed to producing ethically and using only the best materials.

Every woman, according to Queen Hair, is lovely and deserving of the title “queen of her own life.” It was their goal to provide you with a fresh hairstyle that drew them here from all over the world. Every customer at Queen Hair Factory receives the best possible service and hair quality, making them feel like royalty in the process. You’ll feel like a completely different person as soon as you put on Queen Hair, which is comprised entirely of real hair but is completely synthetic.

Queen Hair offers human hair extensions.

Queen Hair is known for its affordable rates and high-quality extensions. The most often requested hair services include the following:

Customers from other countries can also get assistance.

Queen Hair’s team of hairstylists can provide their customers with advice on how to build their businesses by asking for support. Small business packages, long-term business packages, and large enterprise packages are all available depending on the size and scope of your company’s operations.



Providing them with a budget will allow them to give you with a list of options based only on your financial limits.

Nigerian consumers are served.

Vietnamese hair will soon be available for purchase in the newly opened Queen Hair store in Nigeria and other African nations. Customers can quickly and easily settle any issues they may have had with our company by visiting their Nigerian hair salon. Because of this, customers in the African hair market know they can count on them for the highest-quality hair extensions and the best possible customer service. That is the reason why Queen Hair is one of the best Vietnamese hair factories up till now. 

Queen Hair’s well-trained staff goes above and beyond for each and every customer.

Affordable hair extensions at Queen Hair Factory.

Queen Hair collects the hair of rural Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 35. Due to our country’s moderate climate and the time-honored hair care traditions that have been passed down from generation to generation, the inherent silkiness, elasticity, and brilliance of Vietnamese women’s hair is unmatched.



If you’d prefer your hair straight, curly, or wavy, Queen Hair firm in Vietnam is the place for you. Hair can be dyed in any shade, from dark to light, in any direction, and with or without highlights and ombre effects.

Queen Hair’s website, queenhair.ng, has further information about the products and services it provides.

Vietnamese hair has been determined to be one of Queen Hair’s most popular goods.

Wholesale hair merchants have no choice but to focus on the quality of their items if they want to continue operating their operations. As a result, wholesale hair dealers should use Queen Hair Factory’s hair products.


Only Vietnamese women with long hair interested in working at the Queen Hair facility can submit an application. Queen Hair’s raw Vietnamese hair comes from only healthy donors and is guaranteed to be free of eggs and lice. Even Vietnamese women’s good nutrition and lifestyle contributes to their hair’s natural silkiness, strength, and health.



Many of the hairstylists at the Queen Hair Factory have been in the business for many years, making them among the most experienced in the field. You can trust Queen Hair to work with you to find the most trustworthy sources of hair, and we’ll be there to guarantee that your finished product meets industry standards for quality.

In terms of Vietnamese hair, Queen Hair has a wide variety to choose from.

If you have a wide variety of things to pick from, you can boost the amount of people who buy them. Wholesale customers of The Queen Hair Factory can choose from a wide selection of cutting-edge hair products. Queen Hair has a wide variety of products for distributors to choose from. As a result, Queen Hair solely utilizes donated virgin hair from healthy donors. Hair that has never been altered in any form is referred to as “virgin.” Hair can be styled in a variety of ways and dyed or bleached in a variety of hues to generate a variety of looks.


  • Creating hair for the cosmetics industry has been a specialty for Queen over the last two decades. Because of this, they are able to supply wholesale hair distributors with a wide range of hair and color options. Care and attention to the hair are absolutely critical considerations.
  • If you want to buy hair of the greatest quality from the company, you should contact the hair experts at Queen Hair factory. They will be able to serve you in a professional and trustworthy manner.

Consider doing extensive research before deciding on a Vietnamese hair factory to supply your salon with hair products. For more than two decades, Queen Hair Factory has been serving customers like you. 

You can connect Queen Hair through Pinterest via https://www.pinterest.com/queenhairng


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