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Realistic rendering product of Arredamento Showroom

Cập nhật lần cuối: 24/10/2021
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Each architectural rendering project of K-Render Studio has its own outstanding features, showing the beauty of the design. This Arredamento Showroom project was successfully completed by K-Render Studio thanks to a deep understanding of the design and customer requirements.

The design idea of ​​Arrendamento Showroom

It is essential to understand the design concept before starting rendering work. K-Render Studio always carefully studies the information and materials provided to be able to complete the task in the best way.


Arredamento Showroom displays high-end furniture

Arredamento Showroom is a showroom where high-end furniture is displayed. The design of the showroom has created reasonable exhibition spaces while ensuring the harmony of the overall showroom. K-Render’s mission is to turn this design into realistic renderings.

The realistic rendering product of Arredamento Showroom

K-Render Studio rendering artists have created amazing renderings of Arredamento Showroom based on client’s request.


Modeling is the first stage of the 3D rendering process. When performing the modeling step of Arredamento Showroom, the rendering artists of K-Render Studio carefully studied the proportions of each piece of furniture to ensure accurate modeling.


A rendering image of Arredamento Showroom project by K-Render Studio

Modeling the correct proportions of the furniture is very important. These furniture are all in the high-end segment, with perfect proportions. If their proportions in the rendered image are incorrect, the quality of the showroom rendering will be affected and the design appropriateness may not be represented.

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Lighting in high-end furniture showrooms should be considered and used to show the luxury of furniture and space. K-Render Studio rendering artists skillfully put light into the rendering image in this project.

The yellow light is reasonably arranged in each area of ​​the showroom. The light focuses on the displayed furniture, reflecting on the sofas, cabinets, shelves, etc., highlighting the luxurious materials and colors.


Materials in Arredamento Showroom are diverse and need the meticulousness and understanding of rendering artists. Each furniture is made from different materials, and has its own characteristics and beauty. Artists need to understand materials and how they reflect light.


The walk in closet rendering of Arredamento Showroom

K-Render Studio rendering artists have carefully studied the properties of materials to render the materials in realistic rendering frames. Viewers perceive the beauty and elegance of the furniture immediately through the rendering images.

Client’s feedback about the Arredamento Showroom rendering

Arredamento Showroom rendering products have satisfied K-Render Studio customers because of the following points.
The rendering shows the sophistication and relevance of the design. Viewers can easily grasp the layout of the showroom.

The rendering of the furniture in the showroom is impressive, demonstrating the rendering artists’ understanding of furniture and their meticulousness and professionalism in doing the work.
K-Render’s working style is also a point of customer satisfaction. Guests are enthusiastically supported and experience professional service.


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