Solutions to find high-quality white rice in bulk supply

Solutions to find high-quality white rice in bulk supply

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If you are able to buy high-quality rice in bulk, it is a wonderful chance to gain a big profit from this product. The reason is its demand non-stop increasing day by day around the world. This article will provided you with all the needed informnation related to white rice in bulk that you should not ignore.

A summary of high-quality white rice

Rice grains contain protein, fibre, starch, and other health-promoting substances. As a result, over half the world’s population eats rice. Here’s some info on high-quality white rice in bulk.

Description of high-quality white rice in bulk

A rice plant produces rice. After milling and husking, rice grain is obtained. Bulk white rice has been milled and polished to remove the husk, bran, and germ, as the result, make the grain white.


White rice in bulk

  • White rice in bulk might vary in shape.
  • Recent research shows that short- and medium-grain white rice cooked in bulk becomes soggy and sticky. Cooking softens and separates long-grain white rice in quantity.

The process of pre-exporting high-quality white rice in bulk

Step 1: Drying
Step 2: Sieve contaminants
Step 3: Separating the husk


Before and after

Step 4: White milling


Brown rice after white milling


Step 5: Wipe with white
Step 6: Broken rice separation
Step 7: Storage of white rice in quantity
Step 8: Color separation


5% broken rice

Types of white rice in bulk

High-quality white rice in bulk is categorized by grain length

  • Short-grain white rice in bulk
  • Medium-grain white rice is shorter (5.2mm-6.5mm).

Bulk medium-grain rice

Which country is the largest exporter of white rice?

According to USDA statistics in February 2021, India, Vietnam, and Thailand export the most high-quality white rice in bulk.


IR504 is the best option if you want to buy white rice in bulk at the lowest price. IR504 is solely manufactured in Vietnam.



Each variety of white rice in bulk has strengths and disadvantages; evaluate quality, cost, target audience, and buying purpose to import the best type.

Factors influencing the price of wholesale rice

For now, at least, the white rice wholesale business is doing well.


The wholesale price in Vietnam (Source: K-Agriculture Factory)


Criterias for trading high-quality white rice in bulk in order to prevent overpriced or poor-quality rice are provided below:

  • Rice quality
  • Taste
  • Laws and regulations

How to identify a trustworthy supplier

Transparent information

Finding dependable high-quality white rice in bulk suppliers can be done by visiting a website that is updated frequently.

The historical performance of providers of white rice in bulk

It is possible that the quality of white rice sold in bulk can be determined by looking at the BL (Bill of Lading) or the feedback from past customers.


K-Agriculture – rice supplier from Vietnam is discussing with their partners

In order to gain customers’ confidence, reputable wholesalers of white rice might show their licensing and prior experience.

Legal license and certificate

Each country has its own set of certification requirements.


Necessary export certificates (Source: K-Agriculture Factory)

Some of the documents needed to export rice are a business license, an export license, an ISO 22000:2005, and a HACCP certification to control food production and processing risks.

Top three wholesale white rice sellers


K-Agriculture Factory is a leading supplier of high-quality white rice in bulk in Vietnam. Their products are ST, Jasmine, OM5451, IR504, and others.


K-Agriculture Vietnam


Wonnapob Company

Wonnapob Company is a Thai high-quality white rice in bulk wholesaler. This 1895 Thai family-owned firm offers Jasmine, glutinous rice, brown rice, white rice in bulk, and a special rice blend.


Wonnapob Company

Wonnapob can supply rice products of the highest quality and guarantee even huge orders, no matter how vast the quantity.

Hak Yong Co.

Hak Yong Co is a local and global high-quality white rice in bulk provider in Singapore.

Hak Yong Co. sells Thai Hom Mali Fragrant Rice, Jasmine Rice, Brown Rice, Mixed Brown Rice, and Red Rice. They also spread sugar, wheat, oil, and salt.

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