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The Essential Information Of K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Cập nhật lần cuối: 12/11/2021
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K-Render Studio was established in 2013. We have developed the K-Render brand as the most reputable 3d rendering studio with over 7 years of expertise. We have been and will continue growing the studio and this brand with the philosophy of constantly respecting consumers in order to provide them with the greatest possible service experience.

Get to know the founders of K-Render – The best 3d rendering studio

K-Render is known as the best 3d rendering studio in Vietnam, and currently holds a certain position in the world’s architectural rendering field. The growth of our 3d rendering studio is thanks to the precise direction of the founder Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render Studio

Let’s start with the story of Mr Ryan

Mr Ryan as a boy had a passion for architecture. He dreams of becoming a man who can build the greatest buildings in the world. After studying abroad in the US, his efforts paid off, Ryan became a real architect.
While making his dream become true in Vietnam, Ryan at that time realized that in Vietnam architects needed a solution to be able to present their design ideas more easily. And Ryan was thinking of opening a 3d rendering studio providing architectural rendering that he had been exposed to in the US.


K-Render – The Best 3D Rendering Studio

Since then, K-Render Studio was born with the mission to help architectural firms not only in Vietnam have the most reasonable price rendering solution.

Prices of our architectural rendering

Our 3d rendering studio provides all architectural visualization services such as interior rendering, exterior rendering, aerial rendering and also architectural design service.
For now, K-Render offers only from 9,9$ of price per sqm, or other calculation is up to you + free consultant
More specially, for new partners which have over 300 sqm of projects, our 3D rendering studio can give unlimited view
To take our special offer, please contact Mr Ryan – CEO of K-Render
Hotline/ Whatsapp: (+84)855555961

Something about our architectural rendering you may want to know

  • Turnaround time: Our 3d rendering studio often sends the final architectural rendering within 15 days for 1500 square meters. (not including time of reviewing)
  • To show how good quality our architectural rendering and design has, please look at some projects that our 3d rendering studio had.

A 3D rendering in Arremento Showroom

One of K-Render Studio’s biggest projects is the Arredamento Showroom. The design team has set high standards for the 3D rendering of this high-end interior store. This post will show you how K-Render Studio completed this job effectively and met our client’s expectations.


The lobby of New Kenli showroom

This is New Kenli project – Is the 3rd collaboration of our 3D rendering studio and famous furniture design company


  • Stage 1: Soaking up information
    Our 3D rendering studio requires your detailed plans, elevations, etc,…of the projects for 3D architectural rendering services. If you have any concept ideas, we can work with you to obtain the finest results
  • Stage 2: Fixed deal
    In this stage, you can’t modify concepts. Everything is fixed after the contract is signed.
  • Stage 3: Modeling
    The initial modeling drafts will be sent. We would provide another draft if there are any necessary modifications. The procedure is repeated until you are satisfied
  • Stage 4: Rendering
    Our 3D rendering studio will send you a draft with low-resolution architectural rendering at this point.
  • Stage 5: Final Rendering
    K-Render will send the completed visualization in high quality after receiving full payment.

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