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The essential information to use architectural rendering services

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Architectural rendering services are always one of the necessary services of architectural design firms, furniture companies and real estate companies. If you are looking for a partner of reputable architectural rendering services, this article will provide you with the most essential information.

Overview of architectural rendering services

Architectural rendering services are services in which 3D rendering studios simulate 3D buildings in computer software, and provide images or videos so that the viewer can understand the works even though they are not actually built.

The reasons why you use the architectural rendering services

Objects that should use this architectural rendering services include: architectural design companies, real estate companies, furniture manufacturing companies, real estate investment companies, …
The benefits when you use architectural rendering services are as follows:

    • If you are an architectural design company: your designs are presented not only in the form of technical drawings that are difficult for your customers to understand clearly, but they are also presented in the form of 3D or 2D pictures of the building you’re designing. Your customers can imagine if the space you are designing is right for them or not. As a result, they will be very impressed with you. So a 3D rendering company which providing architectural rendering services can make it easier for you to profit.

Some benefits that 3D architectural rendering services can give you

    • If you are a real estate or real estate investment company, architectural rendering services can help you with more accurate pre-acceptance. The architectural renderings will be the standard for your upcoming construction. Besides, architectural rendering services help you to have media to carry out marketing communication campaigns and decrease your payback period even when the project has not been built.
    • If you are a furniture manufacturing company, architectural rendering services help you demonstrate to your clients that your products can fit in a variety of spaces. You won’t need words to explain it, but the product of architectural rendering services will prove it.

How do you find the most affordable architectural rendering services?

This section will give you a few ways to help you find an architectural rendering services provider and some tips for working with them.

Through your existing networks.

The design firms you already know may give you some suggestions on some of the quality architectural rendering services providers they have worked with.
Tips: you just need to consult the style of this architectural rendering services provider to make sure they match your style based on the projects they have worked on

You can find architectural rendering services providers through social media

Here are some social networks that companies/studios providing architectural rendering services regularly operate on:

    • Behance: It is an art social network mainly for architects and artists. The products that the studios providing architectural rendering services post in Behance are strictly controlled, you can trust these studios will meet your needs.
    • LinkedIn: This is a social network for serious work, you can find companies that provide architectural rendering services here.
    • In addition, there is an other option to find out 3D architectural rendering services provider is image social networks such as Pinterest, Instagram,…They are also good ways for you to check whether this studio is capable or not.

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Job sites for freelancers offering architectural rendering services

Websites that you can refer to when finding architectural rendering services include: Fiverr, Upwordk,…
Finding studios that offer architectural rendering services on job sites like Fiverr or Upwork has the advantage that you can easily choose the price range that works for you, and these studios will proactively contact you.


Finding 3D architectural rendering services provider through Job websites

Some notes for you:

    • You should choose studios instead of individuals providing architectural rendering services on Fiverr or Upwork as you can easily verify your qualifications and reduce your chances of being scammed
    • If you have a small budget, then pay attention to the studios at the bottom of the list that Upwork suggests for you, because they may have the capacity but due to Upwork’s algorithm, they are not suggested to you.

Suggestion of a studio that provide the best architectural rendering services

This article will recommend a studio that you can completely trust in their architectural rendering capabilities and extremely competitive prices.
K-Render is a studio that has been providing architectural rendering services for almost 10 years and has received a lot of good feedback from their clients so you can trust them.
Below we list some architectural rendering services that they perform very successfully, if you are in need then don’t hesitate.


Interior renderings of K-Render Studio

    • Exterior rendering services: This type of architectural rendering services focuses on showing the external appearance of the structure and the relationship between the building and nearby objects.
    • Aerial rendering services:Architectural rendering services with a camera angle from above to see the whole building and its location in a large space.
    • Architectural design service: suitable for real estate companies that do not have a blueprint and want a 3D design, K-Render can also provide architectural design services with architectural rendering services. You can see La Varenda – A private project of K-Render which used architectural design service.
    • Product rendering: This service is suitable for furniture manufacturing companies that need to demonstrate products on a white background or in a suitable space. Studio offering architectural rendering services will create a space to highlight the client’s products.

The price of K-Render depends on the type of architectural rendering services you need. However, you can rest assured that the price of the service is always reasonable with the quality of the product you receive.
Contact: Hotline/ Whatsapp: (+84)855555961 – Ms. Kaylin – Client Manager

Or you can see our profile at


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