The greatest Vietnamese hair supplier - Queen Hair

The greatest Vietnamese hair supplier – Queen Hair

Cập nhật lần cuối: 05/04/2023

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With over a decade of expertise in manufacturing and providing hair to various hair wholesalers across Africa, mainly Nigeria, Queen Hair is a top Vietnamese hair supplier in Nigeria. Many successful entrepreneurs have compelling backstories, and this one is no exception.


The greatest Vietnamese hair supplier – Queen Hair

The establishment of Queen Hair

Ms. Jessica, the first generation of her family to leave the farm, decided to take a risk that would change her life forever. She uncovered a little-known trade in human hair while traveling through the mountainous northeast region of Vietnam. Flowing, shiny black hair on healthy ethnic women struck her as a particularly promising prospect. She was inspired. After years of saving, researching, and planning, Jessica started a small-scale hair factory in 2000.


The establishment of Queen Hair

She made the plant her own distributor in 2000 since she had a vision for the future. As hair industry competition heats up, Queen Hair never loses sight of its core principles. Queen Hair assures customers that they will only receive the highest quality, ethically created hair products from the company.

All women, according to Queen Hair Factory, are beautiful and deserving of the title “queen of their own life.” They’re here to offer you a hair makeover, and that’s why they came. Queen Hair treats every customer like a Queen by giving them the highest hair quality and customer service possible. When you put on Queen Hair, which is made completely of human hair, you’ll be transformed into the most stunning version of yourself right now.

Hair extensions by Queen Hair

Queen Hair is known for delivering high-quality hair extensions at a reasonable price point. Our most requested hair services are listed below:

Customer assistance for international customers

Clients may rely on Queen Hair’s team of hair professionals for assistance on how to grow their business. There are a variety of packages to choose from, depending on the size and scope of your company’s operations: small business packages, long-term business packages, large enterprise packages, etc. 


In addition, you can simply tell me your budget and they’ll recommend the best items for your company based on that information.


Customer assistance for international customers

Nigerian customer service

Customers in Nigeria and elsewhere in Africa will be able to purchase Vietnamese hair from Queen Hair’s new store opening there. Their Nigerian hair showroom is there to help customers handle any concerns they may have promptly with our firm. Customers in the African hair market may count on them to give the greatest hair extensions and customer service available.

The high-quality service of qualified staff from Queen HairCurrently, Queen Hair Factory is running a special promotion on hair extensions service.

Hair from Vietnamese women between the ages of 18 and 35 who live in rural areas is collected by Queen Hair. Because of our country’s mild environment and long-established hair-care practices, Vietnamese women’s hair has an unmatched natural silkiness, suppleness, and radiance.


The high-quality service of qualified staff from Queen Hair


Straight, curly, wavy, kinky, twists, etc. are all available at this top Vietnamese hair factory. There are a wide variety of hair colors available, from dark to light, with highlights or ombre.

Queen Hair is a leading provider of premium-quality Vietnamese hair

To continue in business, wholesale hair merchants must pay close attention to the quality of their items. As a result, hair products from Queen Hair Factory should be used by wholesale hair retailers.


Queen Hair is a leading provider of premium-quality Vietnamese hair

  • Only long haired Vietnamese women need to apply to the Queen Hair facility. Besides being free of eggs and lice, the Vietnamese raw hair from the Queen Hair business is made entirely of human hair from healthy donors. In addition, the healthy lifestyle, diet, and traditional hair washing method (herber) all contribute to the naturally silky, strong, and healthy hair of Vietnamese women.
  • Queen Hair Factory employs a large number of highly skilled hair professionals with decades of combined experience. Queen Hair’s hair will meet industry requirements when it is sold to wholesalers because they will help them choose the best hair source and strictly manage the quality of input and output.

Diverse types of Vietnamese hair are available at Queen Hair

Offering a wide selection of products has the potential to increase the number of individuals who buy your products. Queen Hair Factory provides a wide range of creative hair products for wholesalers.

  • Distributors should pay attention to the wide range of Queen Hair products. The reason behind this is that Queen Hair only uses virgin hair, which is hair that has never been processed and is derived from healthy donors. To achieve a variety of looks, hair can be styled and even bleached or dyed in a wide range of colors.
  • For more than two decades, Queen has been making hair for the beauty business. Consequently, they can provide exactly the hair types and hues wholesale hair providers require. The fact that the hair was in such good shape is what matters most.

If you’re looking to acquire the best quality hair from Queen Hair – the top Vietnamese hair factory, don’t hesitate to get in touch with their hair professionals. They’ll provide you with high-quality assistance.


Diverse types of Vietnamese hair are available at Queen Hair

Research thoroughly if you are a hair business owner seeking for a dependable Vietnamese hair factory to order from. With over 20 years of experience, Queen Hair Factory is a great choice for you.

You may visit our website for more extensive information about wholesale hair, which includes all information for your hair businesses. With a 10-year expertise as a wholesale hair supplier, we promise that you can rely on me for everything you need. Click here to find out what your response is:

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