The potential for development of Vietnamese cinnamon in the future

Vietnamese cinnamon and the potential for development

Cập nhật lần cuối: 15/04/2022

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Currently, Vietnam is considered as the promising land for trading cinnamon. Why does Vietnamese cinnamon have so much potential to develop in the long run? Let’s find the answer in the article below.

An introduction of Vietnamese cinnamon

Take a look at the basic material below before diving deeper into the potential development of Vietnamese cinnamon.

The definition of Vietnamese cinnamon

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The definition of Vietnamese cinnamon


Vietnamese cinnamon is a cinnamon variety native to the Cassia species that is grown in Vietnam and has its origins in the Southeast. Many individuals are perplexed by the difference between Vietnamese and Saigon cinnamon. In truth, Saigon cinnamon is a brand of cinnamon from Vietnam, whereas Vietnamese ‘cinnamon’ refers to any cinnamon from this nation.

Key features of Vietnamese cinnamon

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Outstanding characteristics of cinnamon from different countries

  • Vietnamese cinnamon has a relatively low wholesale price when compared to other cinnamon varieties. Furthermore, compared to other cinnamons, Vietnamese cinnamon has a powerful flavor that is spicy and sweet with a complex scent. The hue of Vietnamese cinnamon is comparable to that of Chinese cinnamon, although it is a little lighter.
  • The high coumarin concentration of Vietnamese cinnamon (6.9 gram/kilogram) is, however, its main drawback. Coumarin is a toxin that can cause liver damage, respiratory issues, and allergies.

The potential development of Vietnamese cinnamon

This section will demonstrate why, based on its advantages and national strengths, Vietnamese cinnamon has a lot of opportunity to grow in the future.

Benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon

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The main benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • For health: Vietnamese cinnamon is regarded as a cure for a variety of ailments, including diabetes type 2, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and so on. Vietnamese cinnamon has been shown to protect against several ailments since it is high in antioxidants and cinnamaldehyde. Furthermore, cinnamon from Vietnam can help reduce blood sugar, which aids in weight loss.
  • For cuisine: Vietnamese cinnamon has a strong taste that may invigorate any cuisine just by smelling it. Vietnamese cinnamon may be used in both savory and sweet recipes, such as cinnamon buns. In recent years, using cinnamon for decoration has also become popular.

The potential for development of Vietnamese cinnamon

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The potential to develop of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • Stable politics.Vietnam, unlike other countries, is a peaceful country with only one political party. As a result, the country’s trading industry gains greatly. For example, Indonesia is the world’s largest cinnamon producer; yet, several coups have occurred in these countries, preventing them from selling cinnamon. Vietnamese cinnamon, on the other hand, enjoys peace and assistance from a number of regional agreements..
  • Promising economy. Vietnam is regarded as a rising star in Asia Pacific, as well as the rest of the globe. Vietnam will be among the top five nations with the best trade connectivity index in 2021. Many analysts believe that by 2050, Vietnam’s economy would be the world’s fastest-growing. Vietnamese cinnamon has a lot of room to grow in the future, according to this estimate.
  • Large cinnamon cultivation size. According to estimates, Vietnam has over 150,000 hectares of cinnamon-growing land. The scale of Vietnamese cinnamon has lately increased in several locations, including Quang Ninh.

Top trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon

Here is the list of trustworthy suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon if you are looking for.

K-Agriculture Factory

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K-Agriculture Factory

K-Agriculture Factory is the reliable supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon with 25-year experience. This credibility of this company has been proven by times with the large network up to over 80 countries in all over the world. Along with that, K-Agriculture also possesses many prestigious certificates for cinnamon exporting such as USDA, Organic Certificate, etc. Therefore, K-Agriculture will be the best choice for you if you are finding a reliable supplier of Vietnamese cinnamon.
Number: +84855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)


Visimex is a big cinnamon company from Vietnam, founded in 2002. Visimex is considered as one of the most reliable suppliers of Vietnamese cinnamon because of its long history in this field and big achievements for agricultural trade.


Despite being a young company, Agrideco Vietnam has proved its credibility as a Vietnamese cinnamon supplier with many achievements. Besides qualified certificates and innovative facilities, this company is known for the competitive cinnamon price.


In a nutshell, this article has explained why Vietnamese cinnamon has so much room for improvement in the future. If you are wondering which cinnamon types to trade, Vietnamese cinnamon will be the ideal choice.

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