Vietnamese cinnamon and some interesting facts to know about them

Vietnamese cinnamon – the commodity brings many benefits for users

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Vietnamese cinnamon is highly appreciated by agricultural experts for the benefits that it brings to life. It is not natural that they have such opinions. Let’s follow the article below to understand more about this type of cinnamon in the market nowadays.

The overview about Vietnamese cinnamon

First and foremost, some background info about Vietnamese cinnamon is considered necessary.

What is Vietnamese cinnamon


Vietnamese cinnamon


Vietnamese cinnamon is a type of cinnamon grown in Vietnam. They are cared for and harvested according to the season to achieve the best yield. Cinnamon in Vietnam is mainly cassia cinnamon and they are clearly divided into the following 6 main product categories:

  • Stick cinnamon
  • Cigarette cinnamon
  • Split cinnamon
  • Broken cinnamon
  • Cinnamon powder
  • Cinnamon oil

All the product lines of Vietnamese cinnamon mentioned above have their own unique characteristics, they are listed as follows:


The main types of Vietnamese cinnamon

The price of Vietnamese cinnamon

Vietnamese cinnamon is encouraged to be bought in bulk because they are now also collected by wholesalers in Vietnam from specialized growing areas in the country. This is also a big plus for the sellers of this product. Because the price will be offered cheaper than other countries.

  • Up to now, despite being affected by Covid 19, the main wholesalers of cinnamon in Vietnam have put their prices on the market at around $2400-$5600/ton.

The price of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • This price is also partly influenced by market supply and demand, shipping costs and issues such as government favors for sellers. However, you can rest assured when buying from the wholesaler for Vietnamese cinnamon in Vietnam. Who are they and how to find them, stay tuned for the next part.

The benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon

Because cinnamon in Vietnam has the benefits of growing such as good soil, climate and a mild environment, each product after being collected and processed to bring to customers that really has strong points.

  • Vietnamese cinnamon has been used as a specific spice or food ingredient in the culinary field,…
  • Ingredients used in the production of soap, fragrance, cosmetics, and other commercial goods created with cinnamon are common.

The benefits of Vietnamese cinnamon

  • Adjuvant, poor blood circulation, damaged heart and spleen, small pulse, digestive and respiratory disorders, and others are some of the common health concerns that Vietnamese cinnamon can help with. Aside from that, Vietnamese cinnamon aids active blood completion events, saves blood vessel knowledge, and warms the body.

The most reliable sellers of Vietnamese cinnamon

Because Vietnamese cinnamon has such a big market sensitivity, more and more people are selling fake products. Therefore, below are the top 3 most reputable suppliers in Vietnam today for this item.

K-Agriculture – the top vendor of Vietnamese cinnamon

The country’s success has been established in providing high-quality Vietnamese cinnamon at a reasonable price. Clients will be pleased with the agricultural goods as well as K-Agriculture – an excellent cinnamon factory’s effective professional style. Moreover, as it has been exporting cinnamon internationally for nearly 20 years, the company guarantees that every foreign delivery will go successfully.


K-Agriculture – the top vendor of Vietnamese cinnamon


Phone: +84 855 555 837 (Whatsapp Available)

Vinasamex – the trustworthy company of Vietnamese cinnamon

Vinasamex is the world’s leading producer and distributor of Vietnamese cinnamon, both domestically and internationally. Buyers get to choose from a variety of cinnamon products, including many that are organic. If you’re looking for the greatest natural cinnamon, look no further than Vinasamex.


Vinasamex Company

Que Viet Corporation

This is a newborn Vietnamese cinnamon merchant. Que Viet has its own manufacturing and distribution facilities, allowing it to join the market quickly. Que Viet has acquired a lot of faith from customers by guaranteeing 100% quality of their Vietnamese cinnamon products.


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