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Vietnamese Coffee – Differences of the international market

Cập nhật lần cuối: 05/11/2021
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Vietnamese coffee is one of the agricultural products bringing benefits to agriculture and the economy. Besides, Vietnamese coffee itself is representative of the Vietnamese cuisine and culture of a country with a millenary civilization.

History of Vietnamese coffee

Around 1850, the French brought the first coffee to Vietnam. At first, the French planted coffee in the northern provinces such as Lang Son, Tuyen Quang, .. along with some central provinces such as Nghe An, Ha Tinh, and Quang Tri. Then, the French started to grow coffee in the Central Highlands.


History of Vietnamese coffee

The planting areas of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnam has three major coffee-growing regions, including the Central Highlands, the North, and the southern provinces. In particular, the Central Highlands region accounts for the largest proportion with famous coffee regions such as Kon Tum, Gia Lai, Dak Lak, Dak Nong, Lam Dong.


The planting areas of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee production process

The Vietnamese coffee production process includes 3 main processes such as harvesting coffee beans to ensure the selection of ripe and correct coffee beans. The next process is the Vietnamese coffee processing method such as dry processing, semi-wet processing, or wet processing. Next is about a Vietnamese coffee warehouse.


Vietnamese coffee production process

Types of Vietnamese coffee

There are three distinctive Vietnamese coffee categories, including Arabica, Robusta, and Excelsa coffee in immense plantations.

Arabica is one of the best coffee in Vietnam, Arabica coffee trees are usually grown at an average altitude of over 1450m above sea level. The ideal plant temperature is between 15°C and 24°C.


Arabica coffee

Robusta coffee is Vietnam’s most popular coffee grown mainly in the Central Highlands. This Vietnamese coffee is a woody plant that can easily adapt to soil composition and thrives at low altitudes – around 600 meters above sea level. They can also withstand hot temperatures that can be over 30 degrees C.


Robusta coffee

Excelsa is a hardy plant, but it is not as productive as other species. In addition, the Excelsa coffee tree can thrive at an average altitude of 1,000 and 1,300 m above sea level, so it is often planted as a windbreak in Vietnam.


Excelsa coffee

Comparative advantages of Vietnamese coffee

Vietnamese coffee is always appreciated by experts in terms of both output and quality. Ranked 2nd in the world in terms of exports. The main advantage of Vietnam over the world is the large-scale production of green coffee with supportive policies from the Vietnamese Government and great incentives from the EVFTA.


Comparative advantages of Vietnamese coffee

Ways to approach reliable Vietnamese coffee suppliers

Some ways to search for reputable Vietnamese coffee suppliers such as Assistance through searching tools or you can search through E-commerce Exchange or search for “Find suppliers” service and Trade fair.


Ways to approach reliable Vietnamese coffee suppliers

Recommendation about reputable Vietnamese coffee suppliers

Trung Nguyên Legend

Trung Nguyen is one of the favorite Vietnamese coffee brands. Products include instant coffee, brewed coffee, roasted coffee beans, Legend coffee, Weasel coffee, Trung Nguyen coffee shop.

Whatsapp: +84 855555837

K Agricultural Factory

K-Agricultural is one of the leading exporters of coffee, spices, and rice in Vietnam. K – Agricultural is one of the first companies supported by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam.


K Agricultural Factory

Contact information:



Whatsapp: +84 855555837

Vina Cafe

Vina Cafe is an important agricultural enterprise of the state, making a great contribution to the development of Vietnam’s coffee industry – a spearhead industry of Vietnam.

Contact information:

Whatsapp: +84 855555837


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