Vin Hair Factory Reviews From International Customers

Vin Hair Factory Reviews From International Customers

Cập nhật lần cuối: 10/04/2023

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As people become increasingly conscious of the products they use, Vin Hair Factory Reviews offer an insight into the reliability of Vin Hair and their products. Vin Hair Reviews play an important role in helping people to make informed decisions when buying hair from Vin Hair.

Vin Hair Factory reviews: Company overview of Vin Hair

Below is some Vin Hair Reviews about their brand:

Vin Hair Factory, also known as Vin Hair Vendor, is among Vietnam’s most renowned hair manufacturers.


Vin Hair Factory, with 10-year-experience supplying extensions of human hair, have rapidly established a global presence in the world hair business and have cemented their reputation as market leader in the Vietnamese hair market.

Vin Hair owns 2 factories in Bac Ninh Province, Vietnam, which is 13,000 and 25,000 square meters. One of these 2 factories predominantly produces high-end weft hair. The other is responsible for hair products of other classifications and custom-made hair products.

Customers can directly experience Vin Hair’s products in Vietnam, or buy from them through their website or eCommerce platforms or their official channels, where you will find the most frank Vin Hair Factory customer evaluations.


The most unbiased Vin Hair Factory reviews on their hair, quality, price, and services

Following are the most sincere and objective Vin Hair Factory reviews from both hair experts and customers.


Vin Hair Factory reviews: Product diversity

What products does Vin Hair factory sell, and which ones are the most popular?

Vin Hair Factory serves clients from all over the world including Nigeria, the US, the UK, Europe, South Africa, Australia,… with the following specialized products: weft hair, lace closures and frontals, lace wigs, clip ins, tape ins and tip in hair extensions. Their most popular products are hair weft and raw bulk hair.

Vin Hair Factory supplies weft hair in a variety of textures and colors, from straight to curly texture and from dark color to the lightest color 613.

Hair bundles come in a wide variety of textures, including bone straight, natural straight, loose wavy, water wavy, body wavy, deep wavy, and jerry curly.

Vin Hair Factory reviews on products indicate that the company offers a wide variety of styles, colors, and lengths. Here, you can purchase any hairstyle you desire.


Vin Hair Factory reviews on hair quality

Expert opinions on the Vin Hair company’s products:

  • Vin Hair reviews of hair extensions and coloured hair products: Vin Hair specializes in making hair extension and colored hair products in a variety of styles and colors. Due to the fact that Vin Hair uses 100% human hair originating from Vietnam, the hair quality is always consistent, and the hair is not fragile and not prone to breakage.
  • Vin Hair Vendor reviews on their hair weft from experts: Hair weft of Vin Hair is meticulously and tightly sewn, and can last for a long time. There is no unpleasant smell on this hair weft product of Vin Hair.

Vin Hair Factory reviews from customers show their satisfaction on the products of this hair factory: Hair weft of Vin Hair factory has received a great deal of positive testimonials on Amazon, AliExpress and trustpilot forums. According to these evaluations of Vin Hair, Vin Hair Vendor’s hair weft has an attractive appearance and a lengthy lifespan.


Reviews of Vin Hair Factory’s pricing

In comparison to other Vietnamese hair factories, the prices of Vin Hair Factory’s products are really affordable, according to the majority of Vin Hair Factory reviews. In our Vin Hair Vendor reviews, we will compare the prices of the company’s two most popular products, hair weft and hair bulk bundles.

  • A bundle of hair weft from Vin Hair Factory costs from $80 per kg (from 8 inches)
  • The price for hair bulk bundles of Vin Hair is from $60 per kg (from 8 inches)
  • The average price of a 8-inch hair weft in the Vietnamese hair market is $90, 8-inch hair bulk costs around $80 per kg.

Consequently, it is clear that the price of Vin Hair factory falls within the market’s segment of affordable products. Their wholesale price is cheaper than many other hair factories in Vietnam but the quality is the same or even higher.


Reviews of Vin Hair Factory’s customer service

In addition to products, pricing, and hair quality, Vin Hair’s customer service plays an important part when considering whether to make a purchase or not. In response to my Vin Hair Factory evaluations, the Vin Hair customer service department was incredibly helpful. Throughout the order fulfillment process, I was always kept informed.

When I asked a query in the chat box, they immediately responded. Those who cannot locate the information they seek on the website will find this useful. In addition, customer service is available via email and 4 Whatsapp numbers. It asserts that its support team is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

Numerous customer testimonials for Vin Hair highlight the quality of the services and the promptness of the shipping. Currently, I have not discovered any Vin Hair Factory reviews that are unhappy with the company’s customer service.


Rating for Vin Hair Factory reviews of payment

Vin Hair accepts a number of payment options, including bank transfer/T/T, Western Union, via Agent, One Pay, Paypal , etc.

Paypal has a consumer protection policy which indicates that companies accepting this form of payment are typically reputable.

Vin Hair Factory reviews on shipping

Standard shipping methods for Vin Hair include FedEx or DHL

Shipping time:

  • To Canada/the United States: 3–5 days via DHL/FedEx
  • DHL’s delivery time to European countries and the United Kingdom is 5-7 days
  • 7-10 days via DHL or FedEx or agent to Africa.

Leading time:

  • After complete payment, trial/sample orders and in-stock orders will be shipped within 24 hours.
  • Depending on the specifics of your order, custom orders typically take between 7-10 business days.

According to several evaluations of Vin Hair, the shipping and leading time is very reasonable. If you request a product that is not in stock, it will take about two weeks for the order to be shipped to your address.

Customers are extremely satisfied with Vin Hair Factory’s shipment, as evidenced by Vin Hair Factory reviews.

In addition, a small number of customers have complained that their orders have been delayed 1-2 days compared to the scheduled delivery date, but this number is negligible.

Warranty and return policy of Vin Hair Factory

Regarding Vin Hair’s return policy, returns and refunds are accepted within seven days of delivery. Remember to contact Vin Hair prior to returning merchandise, or Vin Hair  will not receive the packages.

Should you purchase hair from Vin Hair Factory

Vin Hair Factory received many positive hair reviews from consumers around the world. The prices of Vin Hair products have been mentioned in Vin hair product evaluations, which are really affordable and their hair quality is well worth it

The risk of buying hair from Vin Hair Factory is reduced by their transparent return policy and free return shipping. Because they are so well-known, it would be a secure choice if you are new to the international hair industry. You will be satisfied with the outcome if you conduct your own research.

Seeking reliable wholesale hair factory but don’t know where to look? Are you preparing to launch a hair company but feel overwhelmed by the task? With the information in this article, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on which wholesale hair factory is best for your company:

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