Ways to make and identify high quality pepper powder

Ways to make and identify high quality pepper powder

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Pepper powder is a fine powder made from ground peppercorns. It is a common spice used in many cuisines around the world, adding a pungent and slightly spicy flavour to dishes. However, how to make and recognize which is quality pepper powder or poor quality pepper powder which not all people know. Let’s find out the following information.

The definition of quality pepper powder

Pepper powder is a spice component in dishes that helps to make them more appealing and tasty. A sort of pepper powder that has met the standards set out by the pepper powder standards is known as quality pepper powder. There will be distinct standards for each variety of pepper powder, such as processing method, taste, and withered. When selecting various sorts of pepper powder, consider whether or not the processing is assured, the quality, as well as the aroma and taste that this standard powder provides.


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How to make pepper powder

People who want to make their own pepper powder frequently buy whole peppers, then dry or lightly roast them, and grind them to use. This strategy is not only beneficial to food safety and hygiene, but it is also beneficial to one’s health.

Using a mortar and pestle: This is the most straightforward way to grind white pepper. To crush the white pepper, place it in the mortar and crush it with the pestle. Because the pepper will be flung out of the mill, you will have some difficulties at first. However, after you’ve gotten used to it, things get much easier.

Using a hammer: Place white pepper in a cloth bag and pound it with a hammer. You want the white pepper ground to be uniform in size, so you strive to beat it uniformly. This method can deliver significant amounts of white pepper powder without causing hot, painful sneezing.

Grind pepper with a roller: Put white pepper in a plastic bag then roll the roller over the bag and apply pressure to crush the pepper.

Using a multi-function blender: You can totally grind white pepper in a blender. Add a pinch of roasted pepper and grind until the appropriate grain size is achieved.


How to identify quality pepper powder

There are 3 common types of pepper powder: black pepper, skullcap, and red pepper (also known as pink pepper). 


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With black pepper powder: quality pepper powder is the color of black pepper powder, when it smells fragrant, slightly pungent to the nose. 

Skull pepper powder is usually yellowish in color, the taste is mainly spicy, not much aromatic. 

Red pepper (or pink pepper) is the best quality pepper powder, red pepper powder has a red color, different from other peppers. When sniffing, even a very small amount, a characteristic aroma rises to the nose. Among all types of pepper, red pepper powder is the most delicious and of the highest quality.


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