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White rice in bulk is rising significantly

Cập nhật lần cuối: 08/11/2021
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Among many rice types for wholesale, white rice in bulk stands at the top when it is distributed to many corners of the world. 

White rice in bulk’s leading products

There are many types of white rice in bulk widely traded.

  • Long-grain white rice is 6.5 mm long. Basmati rice and Jasmine rice are two typical varieties of long-grain white rice.
  • Medium-grain white rice has a length of 5.2 mm to 6.5 mm. This type includes Arborio from Italia and Valencia from Spain.
  • Short-grain white rice is less than 5.2 mm long, including Japonica from China and Vietnam.

China is one of the largest import destinations of short and medium-grain white rice, having 50% of the tariff-rate quota for the two rice types in 2002. Meanwhile, Bangladesh is the main importer of long-grain rice, buying 18.5 million tons in 2019-2020.


White rice in bulk major suppliers

White rice in bulk is mainly distributed by India, Vietnam, and Thailand. In 2020, 26 million tons of white rice in bulk were exported by these three countries.

  • Huge white rice production volume

India, Vietnam, and Thailand are well-known as the largest white rice producers. In 2019, India produced 118.87 million tons, Vietnam produced 27.1 million tons, and Thailand produced 17.66 million tons. The huge white rice production volume allows them to export white rice in bulk in large quantities.

  • Many rice mills 

To produce a rice export volume, there are many rice mills located in these countries. For example, only the Mekong Delta in Vietnam has 582 rice mills, providing 10 thousand tons/year.


  • Supporting policies from the government

White rice in bulk export is one of the leading industry fields in India, Vietnam, and Thailand. Therefore, the government has established many supporting policies such as Thailand’s paddy mortgage plan with the aim of capital support for farmers. 

Factors affecting the white rice in bulk market

There are 4 main elements contributing to the market of white rice in bulk.

  • Supply chains of white rice in bulk

Stable rice production volume will ensure stability in white rice export volume. For example, due to a decline of 205 thousand tons in Vietnamese white rice production in 2020, the country’s export of white rice in bulk decreased to 6.15 million tons, down 3.5%, compared to 2019.

  • Logistics setting

Logistic costs and settings will have direct influences on the CIF price of white rice in bulk. For example, a ton of Thai white rice costs 510 USD, increasing by 12 USD because sea freight charges from Thailand to New York increase.


  • Governmental policies

Governmental policies will affect intermediately the market of white rice in bulk. For instance, a temporary ban on rice export was established by the Vietnamese government to guarantee national food security during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Top 5 companies of white rice in bulk

Here is the top 5 white rice in bulk companies that buyer should consider.

Wonnapob Company supplier of white rice in bulk

The first supplier of white rice in bulk is Wonnapob Company from Thailand. Established in 1895, this supplier of white rice in bulk aims to bring the best Thai white rice in bulk with the best quality. Wonnapob Company’s white rice in bulk includes Thai Hom Mali, special mixed rice, and jasmine rice. 

K-Agriculture Factory supplier of white rice in bulk

Another outstanding source of white rice in bulk is K-Agriculture Factory in Vietnam, providing 3 million tons to 80 foreign destinations. This Vietnamese white rice supplier focuses on ST rice, jasmine rice, japonica rice, OM 5451, and IR 504 in terms of white rice in bulk.

Facebook: K-Agriculture Factory

LT Foods supplier of white rice in bulk

One of the famous Indian white rice in bulk suppliers is LT Foods, which is a trustworthy partner of many importers from 65 countries. Daawat, Royal, and Ecolife are the famous white rice in bulk brands under LT Foods, in which Daawat is well-known as one of the leading basmati rice exporters.

Vietnam Southern Food Corporation II supplier of white rice in bulk

Supplying 4.5 million tons of rice including white rice in bulk, Vietnam Southern Food Corporation II (Vinafood II) is one of the largest rice suppliers in Vietnam. Vinafood II is famous for many white rice in bulk products such as Bong su do fragrant rice, Bong su xanh fragrant rice, and Bong buoi vang fragrant white rice.

American Commodity Company supplier of white rice in bulk

The last recommended supplier of white rice in bulk is the American Commodity Company (ACC) from the USA. Certificated by FDA, white rice in bulk from ACC is highly rated by customers.


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