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Wholesale hair extension in the worldwide market

Cập nhật lần cuối: 09/11/2021
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Nowadays, wholesale hair extensions bring a lot of profit to hair suppliers. So let’s learn about the hair extensions’ market in the world, where many wholesale hair extension suppliers are concentrated and how to find reputable hair extension suppliers?


Wholesale hair extension in the worldwide market

Market overview for wholesale hair extension

Nowadays, the hair business is developing remarkably, especially hair extensions. Therefore, it is extremely necessary to understand the worldwide market of wholesale hair extension to gain the biggest achievements in the hair industry.

The increase in the demand of hair extensions in the world

Some statistics point out that the demand for hair extensions is increasing considerably. For example, the rate of using human hair extensions will increase by 9% in 2020, which means that the amount of income for selling human hair extensions is approximately 1900 million USD.


The increase in the demand of hair extensions

Therefore, who do the subjects contribute to the increasing demand of hair extensions in the world? And which are the reasons for this growth?

  • The subjects using hair extensions: Almost all countries in the world use hair extensions, especially Africa, Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America market. Clients from these countries are at the age of 35-44 years old.
  • The reasons for the increasing demand: There are two factors affecting this growth such as financial condition and the importance of hair. The quality of life in African and European countries is improving day by day, so the demand for beauty increases dramatically. Moreover, in African countries, hair plays an important role in their culture. Their hair is so short and tangled, which makes them change their hairstyles with hair extensions.

The appearance of wholesale hair extension vendors

Due to the increasing demand for hair extensions, more and more wholesale hair extensions suppliers appear in the world. Here are a few reputable wholesale hair extensions suppliers in terms of both quality and price.

  • Wholesale hair extension vendors in India: Indian hair extensions are usually made from hair purchased at large temples because Indians believe that giving their hair will make their wishes come true. Because of the poor hair quality and cheap labor, the price of hair extensions in India is the cheapest among Asian countries.
  • Wholesale hair extension vendors in China: Chinese people’s hair is black, thin, slightly weak due to race and diet. China has high-tech hair processing machinery, however, the durability of the hair does not last for a long time. The price of Chinese hair is average, quite reasonable.
  • Wholesale hair extension vendors in Vietnam: Vietnamese hair extensions have the best quality because the hair is purchased from healthy highland women. Thanks to the favorable climate and healthy diet, their hair is very black and strong. Therefore, the price of hair extensions in Vietnam is quite high at affordable prices. You can find raw Vietnamese hair vendor or remy Vietnamese hair vendor so easily

Reasons why wholesale hair extension concentrates on Asia

Wholesale hair extensions suppliers are concentrated in many regions such as Europe and Latin America, but the most concentrated area is Asia. Here are some reasons for this:

  • Good source of hair: Asian tradition is to grow long hair and collect lost hairs. Therefore, the source of good-quality hair here is very abundant.
  • Low cost of living: Asians have a lower standard of living than Europeans. Therefore, the cost for bleaching and dyeing hair will be less.
  • Large population: Thanks to the large population, the abundant supply of hair and cheap labor makes suppliers concentrated in Asia.
  • Favorable climate: Asian countries like Vietnam and Cambodia have a hot and cold climate all year round, so the hair is less affected by the sun. Therefore, the hair here will have better quality than the hair in other areas.

How to find a reputable wholesale hair extension vendor?

Here are a few ways to find reputable wholesale hair extension suppliers and some signs of a hair supplier scam.

Several ways to find a reputable wholesale hair extension vendor

Nowadays, information technology has developed, so we can easily find out information about reputable wholesale hair extension suppliers through social networks, review blogs, existing relationships or local people.

  • Through social networks: If you do not have a relationship with people specializing in the hair industry, social networks are the best choice for you. You can learn about wholesale hair extensions through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and so on.
  • Through review blogs: You can check the reliability of a wholesale hair extension supplier through review blogs of hair products like Best Hair List and Luxury Hair Blog.
  • Through existing relationships: This is the safest way because you can get the most honest advice or feedback from a friend or partner who has experience in the hair industry. For examples, your friends bought from 5S Hair – one of the best hair factory, you can ask her review and decide. It’s easy for you to make the decision.
  • Through local people: You can go to the places where there are many hair extension supply factories and ask the locals about the credibility of the hair extension factory or company.

Signs of a wholesale hair extension scam

As the demand for wholesale hair extensions is increasing, more and more scam hair suppliers appear. So here are a few signs of a fraudulent hair extension provider that customers need to watch out for:

  • No clear factory’s address, company’s address and business license.
  • No video calls to allow customers to check the goods.
  • No knowledge about the hair industry.

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